Thanksgiving is Thursday and everyone is flooding your inbox with stuffing recipes…So we thought you might need some #burgerporn in your life.

Tis the season for giving thanks and we are forever grateful for the people who believed in the combination of meat and cheese and its potential for greatness.

It started in Hamburg, Germany with chopped meat that was shaped into a patty. Unfortunately it lacked the good stuff…CARBS.

Since then, the world is going nuts with burger flavors and in some really strange ways. We have a list of burgers from all over the world that will make your mouth water or possibly make you gag. Here it is.

Boston, Massachusetts: We might be biased, but wehave some of the best burgers around. Just take a look (or bite) at our WTF Burger. This baby has mac n’ cheese, pulled pork, onion rings, Grillos pickles and bbq sauce. BurgaBox is selling the WTF Burger for 50% off in honor of Black Friday. Get it to your doorstep.



Hamburg, Germany: The OG of meat patties. The “Hamburg Steak” consists of chopped steak with some onion and garlic formed into a disk.

Hamburg Steak Burger Germany

Japan: For the past couple years, Japan has used Halloween as an excuse to bring some really interesting burgers to the table. Last year, they introduced a burger that was completely black.  This year they stepped it up a notch (and not in a good way). Lotteria, a Japanese Burger chain, debuted their halloween special that showcased a bacon tongue, purple special sauce and delivered each one in a coffin shaped box. We can’t make this stuff up.

China: The Chinese burger is called Rou Jia Mo. The sandwich contains jazzed up pork, chicken or beef encased in fried dough. Not too shabby.

Lake Victoria, Africa: This fly-based burger might be the only nutritious one on the list. Trillions of small flies, called midges, emerge from Lake Victoria and attack in giant swarms. The local people take advantage of this huge biomass and cook them up in charcoal black fly burgers. We can’t comment on the taste, but that is the most over the top burger we’ve ever seen…and that says a lot…Would you try this?

Rou Jia Mo

India: In India, they skip out on beef. So instead their go-to “burgers” are Chicken Maharaja Mac or a McVeggie.

Bangkok, Thailand: In NYC, you’ll find hundreds of people waiting in line for ramen burgers at Smorgasburg. And if you’re visiting Thailand, Sticky Rice Burgers are the next best thing.  Think sticky rice disks that are deliciously complimented with some spicy beef.

Australia: Next to Japan, Australia’s is coming in a hot second place. The Hamdog is literally a hamburger and hotdog in-between a perfectly fitted bun. Mark Murray, I think you might be our hero.

Minneapolis, Minnesota: I’m sure you are no stranger to the Juicy Lucy. This burger has melty cheese on the inside and juicy meat on the outside. Not a BBC burger, but still pretty good.


California: If you’re ever in Southern California, Slater’s 50/50 Fried Lasagna Burger seems like a must eat. The patty is a mixture of sausage and ground beef patty and it’s topped with mozzarella, parmesan and fried basil leaves. Best part? The bun is fried cheese lasagna.

British Columbia, Canada- Pink Bicycle decided to take the most famous food to come out of Canada and throw it on a burger. Meet the Poutine Burger.


Do you still want a Thanksgiving feast after this list? Then go stuff your face with a burger.

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