We already blew you away with our ability to please the #basic fall lovers out there. So, we thought we would give an encore…but with another star of the show. Maple syrup. And no, pancakes and waffles are no longer taking the lead roles. We are spreading the love with 10 Maple recipes that will complete your fall season and honestly…your life.

1. Maple Mayo: Ahhh, our specialty. We throw in some pure maple syrup and mayo into bowl and lather it on our Vermonster Burger. Our sauce combined with sautéed apples, bacon and sharp cheddar cheese and a heap of meat are just well, perfect. Try it at home with Burgabox.

2. Maple Stout Float by Vermont Maple

3. Maple Grilled Cheese by Pure Canada Maple

4. Maple Cinnamon Biscuits by Maple Syrup Michigan

5. Maple Baked Beans by Pure Canada Maple: Add these babiess to your Sunday Football ritual

6. Maple Bacon Cream Cupcakes by Delish

7. Maple Roasted Chicken and Sweet Potatoes by Real Simple

8. Maple Vodka and Espresso Dessert Cocktail by Saveur

9. Maple-Bacon Doughnuts by the Novice Chef Blog

10. Maple Mustard Balsamic Dressing by Green Healthy Cooking

Eat up!

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