The 2016 election seems like a no win situation but hey, not everyone has to lose. In the #BBCBurgerLab you can win all day, everyday especially with our new fall goodies. Here are 5 ways BBC can cure your election PTSD and unlike the others, they will never disappoint.

 1. The American Hero Frappe: Ditch those hot messes and join the #freakfrappeparty…it is guaranteed to be very sweet. Our new candidate is dressed in patriotic sprinkles, American flag swag and Twizzlers that will automatically brighten up your day. AND you get the choice between vanilla or strawberry ice cream. Talk about home of the free and the brave. Come in with an “I Voted” sticker, get some dollars off (you deserve it). And while you’re at it…thank the veterans who served our country all of these years.

2.  Fall Sangria: We just sent out a fall sangria recipe that is so good, you’ll be #wining until you get it next. Throw your P.J.s on and brew up a batch for this coming weekend. You might REALLY need it.

3. We’ll bring you to Hawaii: Alright, don’t be greedy. We can’t send you overseas but how about we bring the vacation to you? BurgaBox just launched a November feast and it is a Hula dance in a box. After you cook up the Maui Waui Burgers, Aloha Fries and Don Ho Mac & Cheese, all of your holiday problems will wash away into the sunset, with a coconut drink in hand. You have until November 10th to order this baby. So just do it.

4. Focus on the Snacks: More people will watch the Super Bowl than vote in this election. Therefore, it looks like our priorities are in the snacks and we have a long list that will score with any Sunday football crowd.

5. You can just vote for usDon’t get stressed over this impossible decision. In our poll, you get to choose the real Hot Mess you want to vote for in this election.

Now do you want to escape to another country? Yeah…we knew you would change your mind.

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